GLOV Mask Off



Cosmetic mask remover

Use GLOV to fully remove your dried cosmetic face mask. You can fully relax and easily transform into a goddess.

GLOV Mask Off is made of unique microfibers which attach to cosmetic mask particles but do not absorb them. That’s why it cleans your face so fast and is easy washable. It is machine washable, as well. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

How to use GLOV?

Moisten GLOV with warm water. Press GLOV to skin for a moment and wait for the feeling of your mask dissolving. Then gently remove mask using a circular motion. Clean with GLOV Magnet Cleanser or with a bar of soap. You can also use machine wash. Let GLOV dry.

Producer: LLC Phenicoptere

Nowogrodzka str.18a/21,

00-511 Warsaw, Poland