GLOV Fat Off



Skin smoothing body massage glove. Use GLOV Fat Off during your shower.

The unique GLOV Fat Off bamboo fibers invigorate blood and lymph microcirculation and help to break down fat clusters. The smoothing efficiency of GLOV Fat Off has been validated in usage tests. It evens out skin color as well. Initial effects can be noticed after 30 days of daily massages. It’s hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

How to use GLOV Fat Off?

For body massage with GLOV, you can use your favorite shower gel. You should massage every body part with a minimum of 30 circular movements to make your enemy backtrack. After using GLOV, rinse it out and let it dry till your next battle.

Ingredients: 90% bamboo fibres, 10% polyester.

GLOV Fat Off  is available in pink, violet, blue and grey colours.

Producer: LLC Phenicoptere

Nowogrodzka str.18a/21,

00-511 Warsaw, Poland